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About Us

Computer Education, Skill Development Courses and Computer Institute Franchisee Society for Computer Education Research and Training Welfare Society for Computer Education Research and Training welfare society is a well-established non- government organization founded in the year 2008. SCERT got registered in the year 2008 under society registration Act 21, 1860. From its establishment the organization is working for the development of rural and urban people in various fields such as Education, Agriculture, Computer Education, Skill Development etc. At the time of foundation of the society, it is cleared that the organization works for rural, poor and socially deprived people and make them strong and self-dependent to improve their life style and living standard by providing them modern education and also familiarize them with the modern techniques. SCERT continuously working for providing computer education to the rural peoples and equip them with the skills necessary to become self-dependent and to earn livelihood through good knowledge of computer and Information Technology. The organization provided numbers of students of the SC, ST and OBC`s community the financial aid in the form of cash scholarship, incentives, free computer training and diploma. The organization felt that the enlistment of the SC, ST & OBCs community is the guarantee of development of the country.


SCERT has firm determination to maintain intense quality culture. We have made numerous policies and processes to reach the topmost level in IT, Apparel, Beauty and Wellness field.


To aware the learner to get the better knowledge and skill in modern technology through computer education and skill training program



Our mission is to provide our learners with effective training programs designed to meet their unique needs. We provide knowledgeable coaching and program design in all aspects of IT Literacy and Skill Development. If you believe, you will definitely achieve.